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Fifteen Short Love SMS for your man or woman

Fifteen Short Love SMS for your man or woman – Sending a Love SMS to your man or your woman is a great idea to keep things fresh and working out in your relationship. You mustn’t be a Romeo in writing to win the heart over your woman over and over again. So also does it apply for the ladies. Just a short Love SMS can serve it all.

Fifteen Short Love SMS

Fifteen Short Love SMS

1. I asked God to give me someone special, and he really did. That is why we are still together now and i enjoy every moment, as i can share my good and bad moments with you. You are so lovely, because you are really meant for me.

2. The shortest time we spend together, the memories we share every day, are memorable to me and i’m so happy having them always in my mind.

3. I used to believe that love was about finding someone I can live with. But right now, you have shown me that true love is finding someone I can’t live without. Honey, I can’t live without you.

4. I really think that things should be simple. What do i mean? Just like i picked up my phone and I’m texting you on the feeling I’m having for you right now. I miss you baby.

5. My angel, I feel like I’m right beside you this very moment. I love and cherish you my honey.

6. Loving you is something i can’t be afraid of, because I can count on you to insure my heart from any pain. I love you my sweetheart.

7. Hello dear! The court have found you guilty of adding more meaning to my life. You will therefore be sentenced to life imprisonment in my heart.

8. You entered my life like its a farmland. Made my laughter grow and filled my life with such more joy. I just can’t stop loving you honey.

9. Baby, you came into my life like its an open land for farming. You made my laughter grow and filled my life with happiness. I just can’t stop loving you baby.

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