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Twenty Sweet Love SMS for Him or Her

Twenty Sweet Love SMS for Him or Her – Here, we are going to drop twenty sweet love SMS that you can send to him or her, so that their love for you will keep flourishing. You can use them at your own discretion, and they are all for free.

Twenty Sweet Love SMS:

1. I know i have someone that i can love with my whole heart. This makes me feel special. You are the best.

2. Whenever my heart beats, its you i think of. Even when the sun comes up, you are always on my mind.

3. Looking into your eyes, all I see is love and I feel happiness too. I never knew i would find true love someday and i never knew it would be you.

4. I will go with you anywhere you go and my love will follow you. Whatever you do, i will do too. I will always be there with you because i love you baby.

5. Baby, you are my everything because since you came into my life, everything changed for good, including how the sun shines in the morning and how the moon comes out at night.

Twenty Sweet Love SMS

6. I believe i am the most successful person on this earth to have found your love and nothing will change this feelings for you.

7. Sweetheart, i want you to know that, everyday of my life is worth celebrating as long as we remain one.

8. I am so thankful to nature for everything, most especially for the eyes to see you, the lips to kiss you and a heart to love you forever.

9. The smile you give me, has been my sunshine during my gloomy days and your body, is just the best place to rest on when I’m down. I am also thankful to you for being the star in my world.

10. I have always being happy, knowing I have someone as sweet as you are. This is what I’m going to do for you. I’m going to love you like no other person, take good care of you and i am going to cherish you with all my heart. I love you honey.

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